Luxury& Stylish Persian Wedding Photography and Cinematography in UK & Europe


An Iranian wedding video is a documentary of your special Persian wedding day and as such, it can offer you a lot more than photographs alone. We have a team consisting of the best Iranian wedding videographer and Cinematographer in London and UK who will ensure that your amazing Persian wedding video will be one that you, your children and even your grandchildren can watch while experiencing the true magic of your Iranian wedding day in motion and sound.

You will experience the laughter, the special moment you say “baleh”, the speeches and your first dance as a married couple exactly as it all happened. Imagine how precious such a video of your parents’ wedding would have been with all the traditional Persian wedding customs and ceremonies that we Iranians all love.

At Nama Studio we believe that when it comes to Iranian wedding videography and Cinematography, natural documentary style is the best, therefore we aim to portray the events of your Persian wedding day as they happen rather than dictating how they should be. Having said that, we appreciate that most Persian bride and grooms like to add a fairy-tale movie style to their wedding video, therefore our videos are professionally directed and edited to make sure we meet the requirements of our clients.

We have hired a team which can only be described as the best Iranian videographers – Iranian Cinematographers in London and the UK, who are qualified and experienced enough to fulfil all your needs for your dream Persian wedding. We always remain close enough to ensure we document every special moment of your Iranian wedding yet we remain far enough to not be an intrusion on your special day.

Our team of professional Iranian videographers and Iranian Cinematographer in London will ensure your Persian style wedding video will be edited with a blend of classy and modern Iranian and European effects and enhanced with your own choice of romantic music throughout.

In order to have a great quality Persian Style wedding DVD, you need a professional Iranian videographer who has the right equipment and is skilled in the areas of camerawork, sound recording and editing. 

Please feel free to view our Iranian wedding video show reels to see some of our previous work.

By: Hamid Akas (NamaStudio)

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