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Hi, I’m Hamid Saboury , known as Hamid Akas in the Iranian community, and I am the proud founder of Nama Studio.

I am a professional wedding videographer and photographer with over 18 years of experience in the wedding industry, particularly in Persian weddings in UK and Europe.

I received my qualification in the Institute of Southampton, where I also became a member of the ‘Master Photographers Association’ and ‘Institute of Videography’. I am also very proud to announce that I have been classified as one of the first Iranian photographers and videographers to successfully break in to the international market, regarded as one of the best Iranian wedding photographers and Iranian wedding videographers of the 21st century.

Ever since I was a young boy I had dreamt of one day becoming a great Persian wedding photographer and videographer. I have a passion for Persian weddings in particular because I believe that there is so much rich culture and traditions that take place in an Iranian wedding and as an Iranian myself I know exactly how precious each traditional ritual is, from the photographing and filming all the special things in the sofreh, to the importance of romance between the happy couple as they share their first kiss as husband and wife.

From experience Iranian brides and grooms also have a lot more fun at their weddings. I really enjoy it when a bride plays, laughs and gives sexy poses in front of the camera next to her beloved husband and that’s something that Iranian brides do best. As a result their images always reflect their true personality in a creative and stylish way.

A picture speaks a thousand words, therefore I invite you to view our online gallery to see the level of professional quality we offer or simply contact Nama Studio to arrange an appointment to view our portfolios in person and to discuss how we could be of service to you for your special events and ceremonies.
By: Hamidphotoart.Nama Studio